Who Wants It More: An Erotic Gay Fantasy

Muscular sexy wet naked young guy posing in a vest

Ricky and Trey have been together for a few months, and sex seems to be their greatest common denominator. They agree to take a 24-hour break from all sexual activities to try to strengthen their relationship on a deeper level. Sounds simple enough, or so they thought – until it turns into a challenge of who can hold out the longest.

This is an explicit erotic short story of approximately 5,300 words. It contains graphic language and sexual themes. It is meant only for adults who are interested in this type of material for viewing in jurisdictions where its sale and enjoyment does not violate any local laws.


After fucking like crazy till nearly eleven fifty-nine, Ricky left their bed and went to the guest room. They both knew damn well that if they remained in the same bed, they could kiss the no-sex pact goodbye.

“I’m so hating this already.” Trey moaned and rubbed his hands over his face then raked his fingers up through his hair. His cock was stone hard and throbbed like a son of a bitch. He was always horniest in the morning, and Ricky never failed to take care of it for him. Until this morning. He didn’t know if masturbating was against the pact rules, but there was no way he was going to function all day in this condition.

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