Wedding Crashers: An Erotic Revenge Fantasy

Sexy woman hugging her husband

Nick is pissed – his ex had the gall to invite him to her wedding after cleaning out his bank account and running away with another man. He attends the wedding, but is determined to get even. Phoebe is pissed too – her cheating ex-fiancé is throwing his wedding reception in her hotel. She joins Nick in his effort to sabotage the wedding, and they realize the ultimate revenge would be to return the favor – in the honeymoon suite.

This is an explicit erotic short story of approximately 5,100 words. It contains graphic language and sexual themes. It is meant only for adults who are interested in this type of material for viewing in jurisdictions where its sale and enjoyment does not violate any local laws.


Squeezing her waist, Nick dragged her closer, and when her legs wrapped around his hips, he realized he’d yanked her into the air; apparently, Phoebe didn’t mind, if her hard grip on his hair was anything to go by. The new angle allowed him better access to her mouth, and he groaned in appreciation as her tongue met his stroke for stroke.

Nick cupped her ass – partly to make sure she didn’t slip, mostly because he just wanted to – and dropped a series of soft kisses and harsh bites along her neck. She breathed a moan into his ear and dug her ankles into the small of his back. The movement pressed the inseam of her jeans into his growing erection, making him bite into her shoulder harder than he’d intended; when she clawed at his back, he discovered that he’d only spurred her on.

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