The Virgin Tales 5: Penny

When Penny told her friends that she was saving her virginity for her wedding night, no one understood, especially when she had her doubts about Scott’s skills.  Jake, Penny’s crush from years ago, returns and this time, he’s at her bachelorette party.  She’s never stopped thinking of the one kiss that they shared and when she opens her door to him, she’s not sure she can wait a few more days to lose her virginity after all.

This is an explicit erotic short story of approximately 5,000 words. It contains graphic language and sexual themes. It is meant only for adults who are interested in this type of material for viewing in jurisdictions where its sale and enjoyment does not violate any local laws.


“I’m Jake,” he was laughing, “I guess it has been a while, hasn’t it?”  Jake was Diana’s older brother who Penny had a crush on for years while they grew up.  He had been tall and skinny and awkward and Penny had never understood what her attraction to him was, but he had been the first boy she had ever kissed and sometimes when she was in Scott’s arms, she found herself imagining that it was Jake, even now.

He had outgrown his awkward stage.  Jake was taller than he had been but he had filled out in all the right places.  His shoulders were wide and solid and his chest had lines of muscles and his abs were chiseled.  Penny’s cheeks were warm when she realized that her eyes had wandered down below his waist and she forced herself to return his steady gaze instead.

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