The Oilman and his Stepdaughter


The Oil Man and his Stepdaughter

A rich oil baron’s son and an ex-exotic dancer meet. Their marriage begins with fiery passion, filled with wanton, explicit sex, but reaches a mediocre plateau. They try to spice up their union with exhibitionism and unpredictable, crazy sex acts. The friction they have over her beautiful teenage step-daughter comes to a head as the man realizes that his passions focus, not on his wife, but on his lithe, gorgeous daughter. She turns out to be just as charming and intelligent, but even more of a wildcat in the bedroom with lots of oral and anal talent.

Note: This is an explicit erotic short story of approximately 10,000 words. It contains some taboo themes and is intended only for adult audiences that are interested in this type of material for viewing only in territories where this type of material is not in violation of any local laws.


Carrie exposed his rigid member as she finally fought his pants off of his hips.  They were around his ankles just as hers were.  She turned around and grinded her gorgeous buns against him as he slid her black cotton thong off of her shapely hips.  A pearly drop of precum formed on the end of his straining phallus as she rose with her legs together and sat her moist cleft onto him.  She slowly sank down onto him, finally beginning to sate a desire she had carried without knowing for years.

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