Taking Turner: An Erotic Gay Fantasy


It sucks being the new guy and William knows it. Ever since he took the job at Turner Technology he sees the inside of his office more than his own apartment and certainly more than the inside of a club. The days of weekends spent drinking have all but disappeared and this Friday night is no exception.

A pile of work dumped on his desk means another night of crunching numbers instead of sipping drinks and looking for a little pleasure. Things take a turn for the worse when he finishes his work only to find that he is now buried in snow instead of paperwork.  A freak snowstorm has him stuck at the office and feeling hot tempered until he finds out someone he would very much like to meet is in the office.

This is an explicit erotic short story of approximately 5,200 words. It contains graphic language and sexual themes. It is meant only for adults who are interested in this type of material for viewing in jurisdictions where its sale and enjoyment does not violate any local laws.


William moved deeper into the room, his heart beginning to pound as he realized that Turner’s eyes were traveling over sections of his body that weren’t often perused by one so decidedly hot. He suddenly had this urge to strip out of his suit jacket—and a few other garments—and see what might happen next.

“I was the reason you were brought in for an interview in the first place,” Turner said, his hands wringing the water bottle still clutched between them. “I saw the picture attached to your resume and I wanted to see for myself just how hot this rising star really was.”

“We’ve not met before or since. I would have remembered seeing you.”

“No. Boys like you are dangerous for me. Can you imagine what would happen if the tech world found out that I have a thing for pretty, young accountants?”

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