Stepmother Tales: The Temptation of Dylan James

Dylan James has an absentee father and a hot stepmother. An unusual coincidence puts Dylan and his Stepmother in a compromising position and neither of them has the will to restrain themselves. A weekend of experiences will lead them to a final decision about what to do about their serious misstep.

“I wasn’t jacking off,” he said, mock seriously. What the hell, if she didn’t believe him at least she wasn’t mocking him for doing it.
“I was just thinking there couldn’t possibly be another reason for you to be lying on your bed with your shorts around your ankles and your hard cock in your hand…” she managed to say before breaking off into peals of laughter. When she caught her breath, she said, “and you come up with the one other thing in the universe that would make that scene believable!” Dylan joined in with her laughter honestly for the first time.
When their laughter left them, Leigh’s robe slipped off her shoulder and one perfect breast was bare. Dylan felt the mother of all erections sprout unintentionally inside his shorts. Dylan’s eyes were locked on that perfectly shaped upturned breast, with the ruby nipple standing rigid in the dim light of the bedroom. Leigh was staring at the thick, swollen, seven inch cock of her stepson and the incredible set of abs above it and her pussy was wet.
Leigh sat up in slow motion, her breathing shallow and rapid, her eyes focused on a hard cock in her bedroom, no longer the errant hard-on of her stepson, but a rigid man’s cock in her bedroom.
“Oh shit!” she moaned as she pulled the shorts away, exposing the raging erection to her eyes. Leigh looked at Dylan, who was glassy eyed with lust from watching her exposed breast. She shrugged and the robe fell from her shoulders. Her right hand grasped his swollen cock tightly, and her left untied the robe so the rest of it fell to the bed.

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