Paying for her Rent

Collage made of many pictures with a beautiful girls in sexy lingerie

Collage made of many pictures with a beautiful girls in sexy lingerie

“Hey look,” the landlord said. “I gave you one more month to sort out the rent you owe. That time has came and gone and still no money.”

“I’ll get you the money,” cried Angela. “I promise.”

“That’s a promise you’ve been making for three months now and not keeping,” he carried on. “I can’t put fucking promises into my bank account can I? I want your bags packed and you out by tonight.”

Angela started to cry and dropped to her knees. “Please,” she begged wrapping her arm around the older man’s legs. “I’ve got nowhere to go.”

“Yeah well that’s not my problem,” the landlord said harshly, trying to pull away.

“Please,” went on Angela. “I’ll do anything if you let me stay.”

The landlord stopped and looked down at the young woman. His eyes dropped to the breasts pushing against the t-shirt and the sudden thought of getting his hands on them and more crossed his mind. “OK,” he said and Angela felt a glimmer of hope. “Say I let you stay for one more month, you’ll let me do anything.”

“Yes,” said Angela quietly, her body shuddering as she saw the look in the man’s eyes.

“Get your fucking jeans and t-shirt off then,” he went on.

Angela felt more tears prick her eyes, but knew if she wanted to stay she had no choice. She reached for the bottom of her t-shirt and pulled it up and over her head, wincing as the landlord grabbed her tits and mauled them roughly, He kept playing with her tits even as she stood and undid the button and zipper of her jeans, only letting go as she bent to push the jeans down her legs and off.

“Get on your fucking knees again,” he said and Angela dropped down. She felt his fingers entwine in her long dark hair and run through it. She shrieked as the grip on her hair suddenly tightened and she was dragged across the room and slammed against the wall. It knocked the breath from her and she felt a little dazed. The landlord’s hand dropped to her neck and caressed it, but then the grip tightened. “I like to fuck little sluts like you rough,” he said quietly, but Angela heard the venom in his voice. He tightened his grip more and she started to choke a little and gasped as the grip was finally released. The landlord grabbed her hair again and forced her to look up. “I’ve got a better way of choking you,” he laughed.

Angela saw his hand fumbling with the zipper on his pants and suddenly a hard cock was being forced onto her. The landlord gripped her face hard and forced her mouth open, roughly fucking his cock in and pushing deep until his body was pressing onto Angela’s face. She started to gag, but this seemed to excite him and he pushed forward to ram his hard cock further down her throat. When he finally pulled back Angela gasped for air, but there was little respite as the landlord quickly rammed his cock back between her lips and started fucking her mouth hard. She could feel the head of the shaft hitting the back of her throat as the landlord went wild on her to make her choke, but he finally pulled back. Angela dropped down the spit drooling from her mouth as she hacked and coughed to catch her breath.

“Let’s see what else you’ve got for me,” the landlord spat out harshly. Angela shrieked as she was dragged across the room by her hair towards the sofa. Her upper body was pushed face down onto it with her knees still on the floor. The landlord held her down and she felt him pulling at the clip of her bra. He finally loosened it and dragged the bra off. Angela let out a cry as her arms were twisted roughly behind her back. She felt the bra being wrapped around her wrists, tying them together tightly.

“You don’t need to tie me up,” she shouted. “I’ll do what you want.” She squealed at the hard slap onto her ass.

“But don’t you think this is so much more fun,” laughed the landlord. His hands mauled at the ass cheeks, forcing between Angela’s thighs and grabbing at her pussy. She buried her face in the sofa and tried to block it out, just concentrating on the fact that she would get one more month to sort out her rent.

The landlord ripped the panties from her ass and pulled them roughly down her legs and off. He dropped them on the sofa beside her head and started to spank his hand onto her ass. Angela tried to stop herself crying out, realizing that it only excited the man more. She felt him drop to his knees and push his hard cock between her thighs. He forced her legs apart, working the head of his hard shaft to her pussy entrance and fucking it in roughly. Angela could feel herself being forced onto the sofa as her pussy was rammed hard, the landlord groaning excitedly as he used her.

He pulled out and slapped her ass again. “Let’s see how tight your other hole is,” he laughed. He gripped the ass cheeks and Angela winced as she felt them being spread open roughly. She couldn’t hold back the cry at the pain of the cock trying to push inside. “Shut the fuck up,” the landlord said. He saw the panties on the sofa and grabbed them. Reaching around Angela’s head, he balled up the panties and forced them into her mouth to gag her. The cries were muffled as he forced himself onto her ass, fucking his cock in deep. As he started to pound the asshole, the tightness closing around his cock quickly pushed him too far and he struggled to control himself. When it finally became too much he quickly pulled out and reaching for Angela’s hair pulled her up. Grabbing his cock he stroked himself to completion and let out a guttural roar as the sticky cum unloaded all over her pretty face.

The landlord kept stroking his cock until his balls were emptied, laughing as he looked at Angela’s white streaked face. He threw her back down on the couch and zipped himself up. “Let’s hope you can’t pay next moth,” he said as he slapped her ass hard and walked out. Angela spat out the panties and struggled against her bonds, finally managing to free herself. Fucking pig, she thought, but knew if she didn’t have the rent money next month that she would let the landlord use her again.


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