Nightclub Encounter: An Erotic Gay Fantasy


nightclub encounter new corrected 2100x1400 cover

A man at a gay nightclub gets swept up the pulsating atmosphere of loud music, alcohol and good looking people. He attracts the attention of a handsome man and starts to lose his inhibitions on the dance floor when he feels the growing erection of his new friend. When he accepts an invitation to leave, he thinks he will go home with the man, only to find himself pulled into a back alley and enjoying the kinky risk of an outdoor encounter.

This is an explicit erotic short story of approximately 5,000 words. It contains graphic language and sexual themes. It is meant only for adults who are interested in this type of material for viewing in jurisdictions where its sale and enjoyment does not violate any local laws.


Tony finally dropped to his knees and pushed forward to nuzzle his face against the obvious bulge in Johnny’s jeans. When he moved back he stroked a fingertip along the stiff outline and enjoyed the twitching and throbbing of the cock in response. It made him want more and he worked his fingers to the belt buckle and released it. The button of the jeans was next, followed by the zipper and his sense of anticipation rose as he gripped the tab and pulled it down. Grabbing hold of the denim, he pulled it down and the cock bulged out against the thin material of the boxer shorts. Tony took his time again to stroke along the outline of the cock and looked up as he heard the gasp. Johnny’s eyes were tightly closed and his chest was heaving as the pleasure of the touch took hold. Tony quickly returned his attention to the boxer shorts and when he slipped fingers under the waistband he yanked them down. The stiff cock sprang to attention in front of him and a grin spread over his face. He rested the palm of his hand on the erection to push it against Johnny’s body and lowered his head to the balls. His tongue flicked out to lick them and again he heard the gasps of excitement from above

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