Masquerade: An Erotic Romance

Sexy young woman holding carnival mask in front of mirror

Sometimes there are people in our lives that we look at every single day but we never truly see.  When Robert, a very successful software engineer and CEO attends a masquerade themed launch party for his latest app he is able to interact with people on a different level. That anonymity goes both ways and while he knows every one of his employees he has no idea who is who at the party.

One woman stands apart from everyone else, both literally and figuratively.  Robert feels drawn to her and her silence puzzles him.  An innocent dance leads to more and the only question that remains is will he find out who is behind the mask.

This is an explicit erotic romance of approximately 4,950 words. It contains graphic language and sexual themes. It is meant only for adults who are interested in this type of material for viewing in jurisdictions where its sale and enjoyment does not violate any local laws.


One woman stood alone on the far side of the room, a drink in her hand as she watched the dancers. She seemed almost isolated in this crowded room, here but not really here, observing rather than participating. The stark contrast of the throng of people and her solitude captivated me.

“I’m gonna go see how lucky I can get,” David said, slapping my shoulder. “I’ll catch you later.”

I watched him go, then went over to the open bar to freshen my drink. Another woman grabbed my hand, pulling me out onto the dance floor before I could finish the transaction, but holding her in my arms was just as intoxicating as the gin and tonic. From her, I moved into the arms of another woman and another, dancing my way across the room, laughing at the small talk and attempts to identify each of my dance partners. What was really amusing were their attempts to identify me. Simultaneously, I was Jack from the mail room, Peter from the legal department, I was Matthew, the programmer and Kyle, the security guard.

Not a single one accurately guessed my true identity and that eased more of the tension from my shoulders. I didn’t have to be the boss tonight, the one whose word could make or break most of the careers of the people in this room. Tonight I was just another anonymous mask.

My thoughts returned to the woman at the edge of the dance floor. I looked and saw her standing in the exact same spot, it was as if time and space held no meaning for her and I knew that I needed to be next to her. I passed through the crowd, occasionally being pulled into random arms to dance as I made my way to her.

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