Love is Blind: A Romantic Fantasy

A young couple kissing

Jared Grant began going blind three years ago. Since then, his life has become about his business and learning how to be a blind person with the help of his personal aide, John Collins. Until John has to take a day off. Lonelier than he had ever realized, Jared finds himself having thoughts about this strange woman who has taken John’s place. Did she really caress his back, lean into his shoulder, imply with her nearness that she wouldn’t mind aiding him in more ways than one? Is it possible there is still a woman who finds Jared to be the same virile, powerful man he was before he lost his sight?

This is an erotic short story of approximately 5,300 words. It contains some graphic language and sexual themes


He climbed into the shower, pleased to discover she had set the water temperature at just the right level. Not too hot, but not cold, either. John always made it too cold, like he was a child with delicate skin. He slipped out of his boxers and threw them out the door before pulling it closed. He wondered if she was standing there watching as he undressed, a part of him hoping she had been. He wasn’t the man he had been before the infection stole his vision, but he was still in pretty good shape. John made him workout four days a week, convinced that the exercise would keep depression at bay—something neither talked about but both knew was an issue for Jared. Who wouldn’t be depressed after losing their eyesight? He could feel the impact of those workouts in his arms and his abs whenever he was in the shower. He knew he looked good, physically.

He wondered again what she looked like. And that thought made him feel like a stupid, pimple-faced teenager. What did it matter? There wasn’t a woman alive who wanted to be with a blind fool who couldn’t be a real man. He figured that out when the long line of women who once lined up to lie in his bed disappeared when his ailment went public.

It didn’t matter how much money he had or how powerful he was in his business. Women wanted men who were strong, virile. Blindness took that virility away.

There was no point in even thinking about it.

But…somehow, he couldn’t help himself.

He hadn’t realized how lonely he was until she touched him.

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