Hidden Desires

The very last thing on Tina Redding’s mind when Ted came over to fix the air conditioner thermostat was sex. It was, however, very much on Ted Raines’ mind…and neither had any idea that Ted’s wife April was at this very moment seducing Tina’s husband Doug with an absolutely devastating bare ass. Enlightened self-awareness, self-discovery, and fantasy fulfillment are the order of the day when these two couples coalesce.

This is an explicit erotic short story of approximately 5,100 words.  It contains graphic language and sexual themes.  It is meant only for adults who are interested in this type of material for viewing in jurisdictions where its sale and enjoyment does not violate any local laws


“Ted!” she groaned as he raised her tee shirt and moved the cold bottle to her outstanding nipple.  His other hand took her hand and moved it to the thickening lump at his crotch.  Moaning, Tina sank to her knees and stared at the huge cock pushing out at her small hand, which was gripping the thick shaft tightly.  “No,” she whispered as Ted lowered the waistband of his swim trunks and the top of his cock popped out.  “I can’t do this, I’m married Ted!” she said as she moved her hand to the naked shaft, jacking it up and down, pointing the helmet shaped glans at her pouting lips.  “I love my husband and it would kill him if he saw me like this…” she shoved the big glans between her lips and all pretense of fidelity left her face as she devoured the swollen organ.  She clawed at his trunks and pulled them to his ankles, stuffing her throat with his thrusting cock. Her moans turned to growls as she tugged at his balls and demanded his thick cum, which was soon boiling from his balls in a torrent.  Tina swallowed aggressively at the flood, something she never did with Doug, preferring to watch his eruption spray onto her tits, belly, or face.

Ted was something different, and now that he made the first irrevocable move, Tina was all over him.  She pushed him back into the hallway and pulled his swim trunks completely off.  In a flash her tee shirt and thin cotton shorts were on the floor and she was straddling Ted’s cock, centering the bottom of his cock on her swollen clit and using it to masturbate on.  She slid her hips back and forth on the ridged vein on the underside of his cock, using his glans to bump against her turgid clit and bringing exquisite pleasure to her heated core.  After just a few strokes she raised herself up an inch and seated the head of his cock in her slit and she forced him deep into her pussy.  “Ahhhhhhhhh,” she moaned as he thrust upwards. The hard glans slammed against the dome of her cervix, trying to force its way into the tiny opening there.  “Fuck Ted, fuck me hard…give it to meeeeeeeee!”  The last words came out on a rising note that threatened to become too loud, possibly giving away the secret of their sordid cheating interlude.

Ted had come twice now and his cock showed no sign of diminishing. Tina turned and rode him like a cowgirl, her shame at her lewdness exceeded only by the lust that propelled her sexy hips.”

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