Eight is Almost Enough

Edie needs a break.  She knows she has let herself go, and more importantly, she knows she has let herself down. An out of the blue phone call from her closest friend saves her life and allows her time to rebuild her body and her outlook on what is important and not important in her life…moreover, when she meets new people and learns that there is more to life than she has been led to believe, she finds the courage to ask her husband down to the islands so she can show him the same things.

This is an explicit erotic short story of approximately 5,000 words.  It contains graphic language and sexual themes.  It is meant only for adults who are interested in this type of material for viewing in jurisdictions where its sale and enjoyment does not violate any local laws.


“Edie watched Clayton, amazed, as he completely ignored his wife being fucked by a stranger…and being eaten out by his wife.  He noticed her surprise.  “Last time we were here Amanda decided that she loved that, and she and Todd and Donna spent about two days in that configuration.  The rest of us wondered if they would ever come up for air.”

Edie noticed that Colin, Betsy, and Julie were in the water huddled together, watching the threesome and breathing hard. Julie and Betsy both seemed to have a grip on Colin’s erect cock, and Colin obviously had his hand in their pussies.

Edie made a little choking sound as, unable to help herself, she started to laugh. “Come on Clayton, doesn’t it bother you that another man is over there fucking your wife?” Edie asked him, more than a little shocked.

“Honestly Edie, we’ve been together for thirty years.  I know she loves me, I know that when that sailboat leaves, I’ll be the Captain and she’ll be my crew…and I know for a fact after all these years, you can’t wear one of those things out…I’ve tried my damndest.  I know if Todd gets her juices going, the next two months or so on that boat is going to be like a honeymoon.  If she gets her rocks off with a little strange, what difference should it make to me?”

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