Carla and her Stepfather: College Road Trip

Eighteen year old Carla and her stepfather Rick are on a trip to tour colleges when they experience a minor car accident. The two come to see each other in a new light as they are “stuck” at a couple’s resort while their car is being repaired.

Who knows if this will lead to happily ever after but it certainly leads to happy for now as love and lust blossom between the two.

Note: This is an explicit erotic short story at 3,418 words.

He could hear her voice but couldn’t see her. He sat up to eat some breakfast and that is when he got his first glimpse of her. Carla was taking full advantage of the jacuzzi tub. Rick struggled to eat his breakfast while taking in the breathtaking view of his stepdaughter relaxing in the water. The night before he felt her body in a way he never had before and this morning he was seeing it in an all new way as well. She was absolutely perfect in Rick’s mind. She was young, beautiful and he really enjoyed her sense of humor. It was not her personality at this moment that was on his mind. Her long tight brown curls were straight and wet at the moment. Her luscious lips that he had kissed a thousand times before now had a new meaning to him. Her slim curvy neck and delicate frame gave way to amazing breasts that seemed just a little too big for her diminutive frame.

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