Established for your hedonistic pleasure, Black Serpent Erotica is founded on the firm belief that when it comes to all things carnal, too much is never enough.

We at BSE feel that the largest sexual organ is the brain and we believe that the erotic vision of even one horny mind is close to limitless so we strive to assemble some of the finest and hungriest minds we can in order to build a creative team of true believers with the daring and drive to harness some of the most vital, energetic and imaginative erotic fiction available anywhere today.

If we can picture it, they can give power to our lusty, seductive curiosities then paint that fiery portrait of passion with their incendiary words. Whether it’s fun and flirty, light and carefree, dark and delicious or wild and out of control, our creative team burns with the desire to make your desires come to life and fan the flames smoldering within your sexual soul.

Sex is life and erotica is the literary expression of that sensuous spirit for physical freedom and that mad appetite for carnal conquest that is in all of us.  Our hunger is real, natural, positive and can’t be denied so we here at BSE focus on fueling the mind for the arousing festivities to come.

At Black Serpent Erotica we aim to feed that appetite, spark that fire and set that spirit loose to hunt, capture and feast.