A Black Serpent Quickie

They’d been sitting in their room for hours, Jason and his step brother Bryan, drinking beers on the old couch and watching porn as they talked about what they’d like to do to their sister’s hot friend who was spending the night upstairs. The basement had been refinished after Jason’s father had married Bryan’s mother and she’d moved her two kids in to their two bedroom home. Bryan’s sister had been given the only other bedroom, and the boys had been moved to the basement, only too happy to escape the newly weds and their spoiled sister. The door at the top of the stairs opened and Bryan turned down the sound on the television so it wouldn’t travel and wake their sleeping parents. The footsteps were light on the stairs, similar to Stacey’s but not quite. When the sexy young blonde turned the corner, Bryan looked over at Jason, he was grinning wolfishly.

“Hi, Chrissie.” Jason said, lifting his beer in her direction. “You want one?”

She lit up, flashing him a bright smile and started walking across the room to him. Smirking, Bryan stuck his leg out in front of her as she passed him, tripping her and bringing her to her knees as she fell against the couch and in to Jason. He grabbed her tightly as she fell against his chest, wrapping his arms around her, pulling on her shirt while Bryan quickly got behind her to pull down her pants and panties. He kissed along her exposed back and sides as he slowly pushed the fabric down to bare more skin while his step-brother restrained her feeble attempts to get away from them and struggled with her shirt.

Impatient, Jason held her down while Bryan moved to take his place at Chrissie’s arms, holding her as he pulled at her shirt. Jason stripped, tossing his clothes aside before he got behind that lush ass, pulling down her pants and panties in one hard tug to expose her ass to him. He reached over her from behind, helping Bryan to hold her down as he ran his dick up through the crack of her ass, slowly humping her before he pushed her face down into the cock and shoved his cock in to her tight little back door. The thick cushions muffled her scream as he forced his way inside and gave her a few quick thrusts before pulling out of her.

Her white shirt had opened while they’d struggled with her, exposing her gray cotton bra when they flipped her on to her back, Jason moving back to take her hands as Bryan got between her legs, rubbing her pussy as his brother pushed up her bra to expose those perky mouthful-sized tits and large brown nipples. Bryan reached his hand between the lips of her pussy, felt how wet she was and laughed.

“What’s so funny?” Jason demanded, putting a pillow over her face to muffle her noises.

“She’s soaking wet!” Bryan said, pushing two fingers deep inside of her as she writhed beneath him. “Little freak likes it rough, Jay.”

Jason laughed, holding the pillow down over her face while Bryan played with her pussy, making her moan for him. He brought his mouth down to those dripping wet lips and licked, burying his mouth in her folds until the thin strip of her pubes were tickling his nose. She reached down, grabbed his hair, and for a moment tried to pull him off of her. But when he found her clit nestled in between her lips and sucked on it, the hand in his hair pulled him closer, her hips grinding that sweet pussy in to his face.

Before she could enjoy his mouth too much, they flipped her over, lying her down on the couch on her back. Bryan grabbed her wrists and held them under her head as Jason pulled her pink stocking covered feet up to his shoulders, pushing down over her till her knees were at her tits and his cock was lined up with her wet hole. He pushed his cock in to her and she cried out, thrashing, and almost got a hand free but Bryan grabbed it before she could do anything with it, pulling it back behind her head as he moved himself so that he was almost straddling her head.

Jason pumped in to her, slowly, letting her enjoyment build. When she was rocking her hips back and forth with his thrusts, Bryan released her hands and moved to put his uncut cock to her lips. Chrissie wrapped her arms around his hips as best she could as she opened her mouth, licking and kissing his shaft as it rubbed against her face before Bryan guided it into what he’d heard was a very well practiced mouth. Jason saw his step-brother’s cock being swallowed and he moaned, thrusting faster and harder in to her tight pussy, every thrust making her suck Bryan harder. All too soon, Jason felt his balls begin to tighten, quickly becoming almost painful. He pulled out of her and moved up her body, straddling her hips. With three quick pumps of his hand around his shaft he exploded, covering her chest in how white spurts of jizz as Bryan fucked her mouth, ready to cum himself. Right before his release claimed him he pulled his cock out till only the head remained in her mouth, just in time to fill her with his spunk, making her hold his cock in her mouth until his last load was shot, then carefully pulling out of her. His hand under her jaw, he forced her mouth to stay closed until she swallowed his snack.

Finished, they got off of her, Jason sitting her up beside him as Bryan got three more bottles of beer out of their mini fridge. He opened all three before passing one to Jason and one to Chrissie. She put her head on his shoulder when he sat beside her, propping a leg up over Jason’s closest leg, and took a long drink of her beer as she joined her best friend’s brothers while they drank and watched porn.

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